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Meihua Group

Seasoning,Food Additives,Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Monday,Dec 05, 2022
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About Us
 Meihua Group founded in 2002 and headquartered in Langfang City, Hebei Province, is an integrated bio-fermentation industry group. At the end of 2010, it was listed in A shares in Shanghai Stock Exchange(code 600873). Currently, the Group’s main businesses cover two major areas, amino acids and flavorings. The products are dispersed in food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, feed additives and flavorings. For years, its businesses have been growing steadily and rapidly and products are exported to six continents. The group has become an important member in China’s and even the world’s bio-fermentation industry. In 2010, Meihua Group started a new journey and established a very ambitious strategic objective with “two leadings”, namely becoming the world’s leading amino acid enterprise and China’s leading flavoring enterprise.

The first LEADING: the world’s leading amino acid giant

For many people, amino acids seem very strange and far away from our daily lives. In fact, amino acids have been widely used in food, medicine, feed, health products, cosmetics and many other industries. As a hero behind the scenes, they have been enhancing our lives quietly.
Among some 20 amino acids, 8 are widely used in food processing. Monosodium glutamate, commonly known as gourmet powder, is the one we are most familiar with. The second largest application of amino acids is in the feed additive area. It can improve the meat quality, promote animal growth and significantly increase the feeding efficiency, playing a key role in the stable and sustainable supply of eggs, poultry and meat products. In addition, amino acids and their derivatives are also widely used in medicine and health products, showing their beneficial effects in treating cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases and inflammation, making significant contributions to our health. Amino acids are also used in hair styling, washing, cosmetics and other daily-use chemical industry. Suffice it to say that amino acids have penetrated into all aspects of our lives, affecting our lives in every moment.
Meihua Group started production of amino acids in 2002. By 2006 the group has established two production bases in Bazhou, Hebei and Tongliao, Inner Mongolia. In these two production sites, 400,000 tons of amino acids are produced annually, of which the main product monosodium glutamate is exported to more than 50 countries and regions. Meihua Group has become one of the world’s most competitive manufacturers. 
In 2008, Meihua Group attracted two strategic investors, New Horizon and CDH, and started the full development in the area of high-value-added amino acids. In the same year, glutamine and threonine were put into production, respectively in January and May.
In May, 2009, Meihua Group’s R&D Center was completed and put into use. Several new products, isoleucine, tryptophan and proline were successively put into production. 
In June 2010, Meihua Group’s R&D Center was certified by China Fermentation Industry Association as “National Testing and Analysis Center for Amino Acid Industry”. 
In October 2010, flavor enhancer, nucleotide I+G were successfully launched. 
In November 2010, Meihua Group joined Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of China Amino Acid Industry.
Currently, Meihua Group has a dozen of amino acid products in commercial production and product pipeline. Threonine, nucleotide and several other products are reaching the number one of the world. 
In order to maintain the leading technology edge, Meihua Group has established technical and talents cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University, Jiangnan University, East China University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, and other colleges and institutions by setting up joint laboratories and projects. These have accelerated the innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. To satisfy the needs of customers for amino acids in different areas, Meihua closely cooperates with world’s leading biotechnology companies and developed various tailor-made products and formulas, stepping towards the goal of becoming the world’s leading amino acid enterprise.

The other LEADING: China’s leading flavoring enterprise

Meihua Group has had a strong product portfolio of amino acids. Two food flavor enhancers, glutamate and nucleotides, are globally competitive in terms of the capacity, technology and quality. Using food flavor enhancer as a business bridge, Meihua Group has spectacularly entered the flavoring and condiment market, striving for becoming China’s leading flavoring enterprise. 
In 2007, by cooperating with CCTV’s program A Delicious Dish A Day, Meihua Group launched its brand building campaign. In 2008, China’s famous emcee, Ni Ping, was specially invited by Meihua to represent for the product. After a strong brand campaign only for 4 years, Meihua brand  has transformed from an invisible champion to one of the top three brands of gourmet powder market, and rapidly grown from an industrial brand into a well known consumer brand.
Taking the advantages in production scale, technology, brand, channels and capital, Meihua Group is extending existing traditional flavorings to a new generation products, providing to the consumers with healthy, delicious and nutritious condiments, making and building a leading brand of flavorings and condiments. In the near future, Meihua’s series of flavorings will become a beautiful landscape in the kitchens of Chinese consumers and provide Chinese cuisine with a package of flavoring solutions, so as to ultimately achieve the brand strategy vision, “Prestigious Meihua, for Chinese Families”.

Prospect: Making China Biotechnology on top of the world

At the end of 2010, Meihua Group successfully landed on the capital market and became a public company. Continuing to adhere to the business philosophy of “Five Responsibilities” which are, responsible for the nation, responsible for the society, responsible for shareholders, responsible for employees and responsible for consumers, the Group will create greater value and profits for investors. 
Prestigious Meihua blooms under the sun, bringing the happiness to Chinese Families. In the future, Meihua Group will continue taking the responsibility of “serving the country with industries”, firmly step forward to the strategic objectives of becoming the world’s leading amino acid enterprise and China’s leading flavoring enterprise, and creating a brilliant future for China’s biotechnology in the world. 

Company Profile:
Company Name: Meihua Group Legal Form: Limited Partnership (Manufacturer)
Country: China Company size: employees
Registered Capital: Privacy Year Established: 2002
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Products: Seasoning,Food Additives,Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Main Industy:
Food Additives Food Ingredients
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